Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The world of Books-Amazing world of adventure and thoughts

Online Book Stores, a new formed medium which help the readers to get their books in a very short span of time and even provide books at discounts and reduced rates.

Since the time when man invented pen and paper, he developed the habit of reading books, inscriptions, scriptures, manuscripts etc. Everyone of us knows that books are a man's best friend. Because books are the only ones which give solace to heart, build confidence and help everyone of us to develop his perspective and conception regarding any kind of matter.

Reading of good books is a good habit which provides many benefits. A few years back, people faced different kinds of problems in sending and receiving books, because at that time the readers have to wait for a long period to get the books. Just to avoid this kind of problem, online book stores were introduced in the market to make the task of every one easy to get books on time.

An Online books store is a place where every kind of reader can get his required books with total knowledge and can aware himself by this new concept of getting books through online book stores without facing any kind of problems. With the occurrence of technology, now everyone gets information through internet and other resources. Books are classified and categorised into different branches, even they are placed into section-wise manner, for example- medical books and medical journals, educational books and references, story books(factual, incidental, fictional or descriptive) and general journals and periodicals.

The new developed technology which we called online book stores have allowed people to start purchasing, selling and making deals through online stores. The online book store is a blessing for them as people can get their favourite and important books according to their choice which can be delivered to their doorsteps if they started purchasing books through the online medium.

Here, book sellers can show their creativity and can provide information in an attractive manner so that they can get more and more buyers for their books. In this case, they must provide higher quality books and informative books to give them first-hand knowledge of the book and these are very helpful for the research scholars to get the up-dated information for their respective subjects. Students of schools and college goers can save money by purchasing books through on line which provides discount on each and every book. With the help of various types of websites and URLs, we can get the knowledge of all available and even of the rare books.

Children books are always very attractive as these books contain illustrated images in a colourful manner. Reading of books helps children to build their own concept and thinking by reading various kinds of adventurous and good books. It would become a nice past time for them as it can even help children to get rid of habits like playing video games or watching television for long-long hours.

All in all, books are the best past time, stress reliever, confidence builder and energy booster for mind and soul. Books never dishearten any one instead they always help a lot to get of all sorts of problems.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Online Education

The online education has an its important.In the today's scenarios the people prefer to like online education.In this Hi-tech world humans are so smart,even they use online education to get a degree.Today American educators are working to promote the study of history in the schools and at home. The importance of getting an education and turning that education into a viable career cannot be overstated.Taking online courses from a known brick-and-mortar college makes the question of accreditation a little less sketchy. Online colleges have increased in popularity and ease of use over the past decade.Many colleges are realizing that they can reach more students by offering online courses. An online search at Google found 22,200,000 results for "distance education." A search for "colleges offering distance education" returned 7,320,000 results.In reading general discussions and articles about online education, one of the primary concerns that people express is that students may be able to get away with doing less work. There seem to be concerns about how to assess student work and participation accurately. These concerns make sense.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

WHy Education?

The Education is the most important factor for human sake.Because of education the human is on top in all.For our better growth for our country growth we need educated and managed people.
National strategies for addressing climate change can only succeed with the full engagement of the general public and important interest groups, or stakeholders such as businesses and local policymakers. Since governments are directly responsible for only a small proportion of greenhouse gas emissions,they must persuade businesses, communities and individuals to adjust their activities in a way that reduces their direct emissions. Otherwise, it will not be possible to realize the Convention’s objective and the Protocol’s targets.
Governments have several tools at their disposal for gaining public support. Policies can be used to raise the cost of activities that emit GHGs and reduce the costs of similar activities that do not. Regulations and standards can mandate changes in products and practices.Taxes and subsidies can be adjusted to influence behaviour. Such policies and measures, however, can engender opposition, particularly from those concerned about the imposition of a new cost. Public information and education is therefore vital for generating public support for such policies. It can also encourage voluntary changes in habits that will lead to lower emissions.
Despite high marks that India gets in the world media for an educated labor force, its sclerotic institutions of higher education are facing many challenges from globalization. While many extraordinarily successful doctors, businesspeople and scientists are from India, only three Indian institutions rank among the world’s top 500 universities. Since the market for talent has gone global, many of India’s premier institutions fail to attract bright students within their own borders who usually make their way to universities in the US, China and Europe. As a result, policy analyst Pratap Bhanu Mehta points out that India misses out on opportunities as Indians abroad file for patents and create businesses. One reason is the government’s rigid control over educational policy. To meet the demands of globalisation, the government must spend more on education, increase student access, yet also extend greater autonomy to its universities. More funding combined with greater flexibility will strengthen research capability and secure talent within the country’s borders. India’s rigid regulation of education retards the intellectual growth of its institutions, diminishing their ability to compete for global talent.
As students return to school, some will face writing about "What I did last summer." While such an assignment draws on the writer's personal experience, which is good, what will students learn from doing this assignment? As the curriculum gets increasingly crowded with things to teach, teachers can't afford to have assignments that don't have educational goals.