Friday, February 27, 2009

Child Education in India

Now a days the world is going fast in education field. The growth of each country depends up on the education wheather its a kids education or adult education. Some saying there "The future of a country depends on kids Education". So the kid's education is must for a country growth. Still there are many countries and many areas where the people are uneducated. In India the Government has taken a big step towards the child education and "sarva shiksha abhiyan". The ray of education is spreading in all over the world specially in backward villages. They need a level of education which help to improve their lives up on the poverty line. More the people are educated more will be unemployment. Always try to help those people who need education. Recently the new president of America Mr. Barack Obama decided to finish the uneducation from the country. He told that more the people are educated more will be the opportunity to get jobs.

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