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We wrote an e-book to Answer your Questions!

Does Your Child Need Help In School?
Is Your School System Giving You the Run Around?

Dear Parents,
For more years than we collectively like to acknowledge, we have advocated for thousands of students who have struggled with learning.

In the past, as we empowered parents like you with information so you could better advocate for your children, we were prisoners to the normal formats available: advertising in local newspapers, placing articles in school newsletters (of course, those were only the articles approved by school authorities), setting up our kiosks at education fairs, and of course, word-of-mouth.

While we were successful at making a difference for many of your children, we always knew that there were many more parents who needed the assistance of an advocate to get the help they needed in the education arena.

As the Internet became a fixture in homes across the United States, we felt that the time had come for us to explore how to widen our ability to help you and your kids.

We know you will find the answers for many of your questions here, and that with your new understanding, you will be better able to advocate for your child's much-deserved educational needs. You are invited to join us in our new endeavors to assist you with your child’s educational challenges.

Your K12 Advocates - Ailsa and Bev

We use the process of Gentle Persuasion - Passionately Applied

We wrote an e-book to Answer your Questions!
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Keith Wisner, Boulder, CO said:

"My wife and I would like to express our thanks and appreciation for the work Ailsa Wonnacott has done on behalf of our 16 year old son. Our son is both bipolar and severely ADHD. Both conditions have created big social and academic challenges for him in high school. But, in consultation with Ailsa at our home and on the phone, and with her participation in our latest meeting at the school, we are very happy with the direction we are going.

Ailsa is knowledgeable in mental health issues, school district matters, and the rights and needs of people with disabilities. She is a great advocate for our son. She is professional and is empathetic to the challenges he faces. I wish we had met her a long time ago, but now that we have, we are happy to have her in our support network.

I couldn't recommend Ailsa more highly."

Have You Ever Felt This Way In A Meeting About Your Child?
“I've been to many special education meetings about my child, but I can't figure out why we are meeting again. It has been three years and my child still can't read, even though they keep telling me that this is the program he needs. They are saying something about my son not being entitled to a Cadillac, only to a Chevy. Don't they know all cars need gas to run?”

“My son has been suspended 5 times this year already and he's only seven. The school seems to think it is his fault, or my fault. What should I do?”

“I sat in that first meeting with my heart throbbing. There were at least a dozen people, most of whom I had never met, sitting on the other side of the table, telling me about my child's numbers. They kept smiling at me while they spoke ― mostly in what sounded like Greek. They gave me lots of papers and told me I should sign."

These are the types of issues we wanted to help parents such as yourself with, and why this e-book was written.

Think of this e-book as the Chilton's Manual of Individual Education Plans. Just as a Chilton's manual tells you everything you need to know about how to repair your car (even if is just the clutch you need to work on), our e-book covers a wide array of topics and issues related to IEP and special education needs.

This e-book Was Written to Help Parents Just Like You

Brandi Creason, Los Angeles, CA said:

"When you finally do get the confirmation that your 3 year old son is having a difficult time communicating and being understood, it is heartbreaking. Then you have to deal with the school.

I was overwhelmed and searched locally for help, but had little success. I called a friend 1000 miles away, and she gave me an advocate’s phone number. The advocate, Bev Jones, shared a ton of information, plus gave me a step-by-step plan of things to do to get the school district to listen, provide evaluations, and then give my son help. I decided to go to the meeting by myself to get the testing results. But I felt lost and outnumbered, and walked out crying. I called Bev again, and she suggested that I request another meeting; she would join by phone.

The next meeting was better, mostly because Bev was so helpful. She knew all the terminology and explained everything in detail. Suddenly, the team decided they needed an administrator to approve or deny the services we requested.

At the third meeting, which Bev attended by videoconference, we requested Extended School Year (ESY) therapy services. The district administrator stated that ESY was not a service that was provided in California. Bev politely read from the federal rulings regarding ESY and mentioned that any public school district nationwide that receives federal funds is subject to these rules. The administrator grew quite upset and stopped the meeting, saying that I would be notified of their decision later on. Bev told me not to worry and a week later, I received a call ― all the services were granted for the school year and the extended school year!

Since that time, I have learned much about being a good advocate for my child. Nonetheless, I have always had Bev attend the annual IEP meetings, either via teleconference or video conference.

My son is now in second grade and is doing grade level work with lots of help and services…thanks to an advocate!"

Ask the Advocates e-book is like having a personal advocate by your side, increasing your knowledge and confidence.

Can I Do It Myself, Or Do I Really Need Help From An Advocate?
Ask The Advocates e-book will get you through a number of the obstacles on your way to helping your child overcome his or her learning challenges. After all, child advocacy is not a mystery, and it is entirely possible for you to effectively advocate for your child. But often a special education advocate can save you time and get your child services that you don’t even know exist.

Here Are Some Of The Questions We Answer:
How, or who, do I ask for services when my child is struggling in school

If everyone thinks that my child needs help, what is the process

What can I do if the school won't test my child

How can I make IEP meetings more productive
Can the school hold meetings about my child without my being there
Who decides if a student should be placed in special ed & How
What is a reasonable timeline to get special ed services in place
How do I get the school to provide behavioral supports
What can the school do to help my child stay calm & focused

We answer these questions,
and many, many more just like them,
in our Ask The Advocates 80+ page e-book
covering both general IEP topics and very specific topics.

only $27

For example:

My son is 7 years old and has ADHD. His teacher says that she will have to hold him back if he does not start paying attention. I am so frustrated with her calling to tell me this. I know he has these issues, but his teacher believes he is purposely not paying attention. He had the same behavioral problems at a previous school, but the teacher said that he just needed some “one on one.” He passed there with flying colors! She said he was a wonderful student! Help please!

Here are some things to try. If you haven't already done so, ask your son’s doctor to write a letter stating that your son has ADHD and how this affects him. If the ADHD behaviors are getting in the way at school, as you discovered last year, your son probably needs extra help. Last year’s teacher was willing to provide this; this year’s teacher and this new school may be willing to do so with written documentation from the doctor.

Next, write a list of everything the previous teacher said your son needed to pay attention and to be more successful in school. Do not just write that he needed “one on one” help. Include what specifically the adult did during this “one on one” time which worked for your son; you may need to contact the previous teacher to find this out. The good news is that if your son was a wonderful student in the past, he can be again with the right help . . .

The complete answer to this question and many more can be found in the Ask The Advocates e-book.

The Ask The Advocates e-book is your insurance policy for your child's educational success.

Isn't It Time to Take Action And Get Your Child Onto The Right Track?
This e-book is like having many hours of discussion and advice from your advocate.

Susan Williams, Boulder, CO said:

"The difference between our son's first and second initial special education eligibility meetings was like night and day. At the first meeting, it was as if we walked into a time warp and had no idea what was going to happen. My gut feeling was that what they were saying about our child didn't totally make sense. We had no idea what the testing meant or what had to be done to help him. They kept telling us what we should do and insisting that we sign even though we had no idea what we were signing, and we didn't understand about his ability and his disability. I did some research on the internet, but I just couldn't learn it fast enough. It was a whole new field of study!

The advocate we found between the meetings, explained everything to us in language we could understand, analyzed the actual testing and the IEP (Individual Education Plan) document, asked questions, and offered solutions. We knew nothing about reading programs, but she convinced the school (we're still not sure quite how she did this) to use one of the major research-based reading programs to teach him. She gave us a plan to follow, got us accountability from the school, and got our son the instruction he needed. She also encouraged us to find a dyslexia specialist to help him outside of school. She is a walking encyclopedia and has given us so many resources!

We still bring her with us to meetings although we now feel like valued members of our son’s team; she can talk that same language the school folks do and gets things we (and sometimes the staff) hadn't even thought of into place. She helps to make sure everyone - teachers, tutors, therapists - and everything is coordinated. If snags occur, she knows who to call and gets a plan into action. Had we not found this wonderful advocate, no doubt our son would still not be able to read or do math. She is truly a godsend.”

We are sure you will find value in our e-book! As parents ourselves, we also understand the need to know you are getting what you paid for. That is why we offer a no questions asked, iron clad 60 day money back guarantee.

Get your child the help they need today!

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