Friday, May 25, 2012


Most beginners are suggested to read the theories. If you want to master fishing, you may be required to read all kinds of theories in fishing. Either way, you will see many kinds of fly fishing techniques and practice them step by step. Some people believe that mastering theories is very crucial. In the other hand, people see that there is no need to learn the theories because they believe that the most important thing is to get a lot of practice. Well, let us discuss this matter together.

Some people believe that learning theories is very important because of several reasons. The first reason is to get a perfect preparation. There are certain things we need to prepare before go fishing such as fishing gear, fishing supplies, fishing equipment, and sometimes with a barbecue grill. By learning the theory properly, we can choose the right material for our fly rod and see whether it can be used in particular fishing spots. The second reason is to be ready with a good supply of ammunition. Just like when we are going to a war, we will need ammunition. So, when we decide to be a professional fisherman, we should have proper ammunition which in this case is the theories.

Other people also have their reasons why they do not consider theories as an important factor to get a successful fishing. The first reason is they believe that learning from a mistake is a great teacher. When we are not successfully using the new fly reel, we can observe by ourselves why that happened. Or, we can discuss this matter with the experts and finally you find that you use a wrong technique in using the fly reel when a fish hit your bait. The second reason is learning theories will only waste a lot of time. Reading may take time and some people may just use their time to go directly to the fishing spot and start fishing rightfully.

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